Our trained craftsmen are MacFarland Painting employees, hired and trained by us to provide attention to detail and leave a clean job site, causing as little disruption to the household as possible. We understand that your home is important; our goal is to provide customization to change your look, not your lifestyle.

Services Customized

to You


Cabinet Refinishing


Hardware Install


Cabinet Painting


Wood Work / Carpentry


Cabinet Staining


Custom Island



Why Paint Instead of Replace?
  • Easier than replacing
  • Less expensive than refacing or replacing
  • Unlimited color options
  • Change/move hardware
  • Custom glazing available
  • You can still live in your kitchen
  • You do not have to empty your cabinets
Why Choose MacFarland Painting?
  • We use an industrial enamel finish.
    This goes above and beyond just painting cabinets, which is what most painting companies do.

    The industrial enamel dries harder to create a beautiful, durable, factory-like finish

  • We have a spray booth in our shop.
    Spraying instead of rolling the cabinet doors results in a much better, more consisent finish.
    This keeps the mess out of your house!
How Long Will It Take?

Cabinet refinishing is almost always completed in one week. Monday our crew removes the doors and primes the cabinet boxes in the home. Your Doors are taken to one of our spray booths where there are prepared and primed. Tuesday your cabinet boxes are repaired, caulked, and painted in the home. The installation of crown molding, light rail shadow boxes, etc can delay the painting of your boxes until Wednesday. Your cabinet doors are coated 2-3 times daily throughout the week. On Friday your doors are delivered, installed, and ready for use.

7:30-5pm M-F
13760 Merriman Rd
Livonia MI 48150

32825 Eight Mile Rd
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